Our 2019 Project: Angela House

6725 Reed Rd, Houston, TX 77087    Website  |  Facebook

6725 Reed Rd, Houston, TX 77087

Website | Facebook

Since 2001, Angela House has provided over 400 women with transitional housing after their immediate release from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) prison system, as well as Harris County, Brazoria County and Ft. Bend County jails.

Angela House provides meals, housing, clothing, transportation and therapy at no cost to the residents. They strive to restore resident’s dignity and self-determination by providing a safe, homelike setting where they can work on shedding the behaviors that led to their incarceration and recovering from past mistakes.

Currently, Angela House has space to serve 16 women at a time, approximately 36 per year — they receive over 300 inquiries annually from women seeking admission. Once residents find employment, they are required to bank 75% of their earnings in a Resident Savings Account to prepare for a security deposit on an apartment and other household needs. Most residents are ready for independent living by 7-9 months.

Only 13% of Angela House residents returned to incarceration, a rate that is lower than both the national (68%) and state averages. 


“Before” Photos Below. A huge thank you to our friends at Architectural Floors for recently adding new flooring!!

Current Project Scope:

Dining Room
Volunteer Opportunities

  •  Painting walls, cabinet unit and pantry

  •    Installing drawer liner paper, pulls to pantry shelves

  •   Installing storage above cabinet unit

  •   Install new white board wall 

Contractor Work

  • Replace cracked window 

  • Replace track lighting 

  • Replace low hanging ceiling fan

Community Room
Volunteer Opportunities

  • Painting whole room

  •  Rehabbing book shelf and cabinets 

  • Install storage for yoga equipment, art supplies/puzzles

  • Install furniture, window treatments and art 

Contractor Work

  •   Repairing cracked window

  •   Replacing current lighting 

  •   Adding 2 centered ceiling fans


  • Fixing loose stone work

  • Taking up bamboo, tropical plants and soil to install “zen” garden with fountain 

  • Installing Umbrellas for 2 current lawn tables 

Potential Projects

  •  Replace 5 hall flood lights with residential lighting

  • Replace double door to Community with a most residential door

  • Expanding right side windows in Community